The Important Step BEFORE ‘Buy Now’

At the recent International Builder’s Show (IBS), the buzz in builder marketing circles revolved around the idea of allowing shoppers to buy new homes entirely online.

In a hot market like the one we’re currently in, there may be some buyers so desperate for a home that they will purchase a lot and plan, sight-unseen, right from a builder’s website via a ‘buy now’ button. However, those buyers are likely to be few and far between and probably aren’t here to stay.

Instead of putting the cart before the horse, we believe that we have to begin by solving the two critical problems that home shoppers currently have with new (built-from-scratch) homes:

They believe the process is overwhelming and complicated

They have no idea what the actual cost (and monthly payment) of a build-from-scratch home will be when they add floorplan options, finishes, homesite, etc.

In today’s market, a frictionless, self-directed sales process is the expectation of home shoppers. How well a builder delivers that experience will determine the volume and velocity of sales conversions and subsequently both the cost per qualified sales lead and cost per sale.

The PRICE BLD-R platform was named the Best Virtual Sales Experience at the IBS by the 2022 NAHB Nationals Sales & Marketing Awards because of its simple solution to the problems faced by home shoppers, and the price transparency that they desire.

PRICE BLD-R allows home shoppers to virtually ‘build & price’ new homes right from a builder’s website with real-time pricing and monthly payment that updates as the user selects the floorplan, floorplan options, homesite, exterior style, finish level and landscaping.

When shoppers are given a simple, transparent and self-service experience online, they quickly move from “top-of-the-funnel” to becoming a highly qualified sales lead.

In fact, builders using the PRICE BLD-R platform have experienced a 38% increase in their web visit-to-sales lead conversion rate and a 25% reduction in their cost-per-lead.