PRICE BLD-R Blows Away Builder Website Benchmarks

We’re so excited to share the initial results of the PRICE BLD-R beta launch across three different home product types; traditional single-family homes, attached/duplex homes and semi-custom homes.

The brand-new PRICE BLD-R platform launched on the first home builder website in early 2021. We now have more than 3 months of data and honestly, we’re even blown away by what we’ve seen.

Measuring Website Visitor Quality

Most marketers who track website analytics will tell you that the key indicators of website traffic quality are pageviews, time on site/page and bounce rate (a one-page visit). More pageviews, longer time on site/page and lower bounce rates are all indicators that your marketing efforts are successfully attracting visits from shoppers that are further down the sales funnel and more likely to convert.

Adding a PRICE BLD-R Link Increases Time on Page by an Average of 29%

When a “Build & Price” link to PRICE BLD-R was added to a builder’s community page, the average time on that page increased between 14% and 51%!  This is especially interesting, given that the average time on page did not increase significantly on the builder’s other website pages during the same time period.

Key Takeaway:  Adding a “Build & Price” option to your website will Increase visitor engagement and the time spent on your website.

26% of Website Visitors Use PRICE BLD-R to “Build & Price” a New Home

When a PRICE BLD-R link was included on a builder’s community webpage, an average of 26% of the visitors to that page used the PRICE BLD-R system.

Key Takeaway: More than ¼ of your website visitors want to “build & price” new homes online.

PRICE BLD-R Delivers More than Double the Conversion of Website Visitors to Leads

Most home builder websites convert between 0.5% and 2% of the shoppers that arrive on the site into sales leads.

When those same visitors utilize the PRICE BLD-R platform (from a builder’s website), an average of 4.4% of them become high quality sales leads by requesting that a summary of their completed home configuration be emailed to them.

And the sales staff receiving the PRICE BLD-R leads say that, “The leads we’re getting from PRICE BLD-R are much more engaged than our typical website leads.”

Given that builders are spending the same amount for every website visit, converting a higher percentage of visits into qualified buyers is the name of the game.

Key Takeaway: Builder website visitors convert at more than 2X the industry average when they utilize the PRICE BLD-R platform on a builder’s website.

PRICE BLD-R works because it takes away the worry and frustration by allowing home shoppers to self-qualify right from a builder’s website. 

Interested in improving your website traffic quality and increasing high quality leads by simply adding a link to the PRICE BLD-R platform with your content?  Click here to schedule a Zoom Demo of the product.