We believe that new construction ought to be an easy consideration for every home shopper.

64% of all home shoppers are open to buying new construction, but only 9% actually purchase a new home*. That means that every year, over 3 million potential sales are lost to resale.

Shoppers cite “hassles around the buying process” and “difficulty in determining a fair price for a new home” as key factors in choosing a resale home over new construction*.

While home builders are investing in online tools (like interactive floorplans, design studios, virtual tours, etc.) to give shoppers the ability to visualize new homes before they’re built, home shoppers still don’t have a simple, interactive new home pricing tool to compare new construction with resale homes. In fact, critical information like what the “base price” includes, what options are available, and how much a shopper can expect to spend to get what they want generally aren’t available online at all.

With time-savings and ease at the top-of-the-list for consumer needs, it is no wonder that resale homes are winning out.

What's in it for you?

Unfortunately, right now, you’re losing more potential buyers from your website than you realize.

If you’re like most builders, you’re currently converting somewhere between 0.5% – 2% of your web visits to sales leads.

Have you thought about what’s happening to the other 98% – 99.5% of the shoppers that visit your website? Most builders don’t.

It’s important to understand that a “complicated process” and “lack of price-transparency” are critical barriers that keep shoppers from moving beyond your website. Builders that have implemented the PRICE BLD-R platform to help overcome these barriers are seeing the following results.

  • When given the opportunity, 25% of web visitors choose to “Build & Price” the builder’s homes through the PRICE BLD-R platform link from the builder’s website.
  • Once within the PRICE BLD-R platform, web visitors convert to high quality sales leads at an average of 4.7% (between 2- and 9-times the rate that the same shoppers convert on a builder’s website alone).
  • When 25% of web visits are converting at 4.7%, the cost per qualified lead drops anywhere from 50% to 80%+. (We invite you to plug your information into our Digital Marketing Budget Calculator to see how much you could save.)
  • By delivering better qualified sales leads, the sales staff is freed up to spend more time creating a great customer experience with real buyers, versus weeding through a lot of unqualified prospects.
  • Without pricing surprises as they go through the purchase process, buyers report a better customer experience, which translates to better reviews.