How Well Does Your Website Convert Visitors to Sales Leads? How Good Are Your Leads? And Why Does it Matter?

We get it. If you’re a builder, the last thing on your mind right now is sales leads. Your sales staff are probably spending most of their day sorting through leads and trying to figure who to spend their time with. 

However, stick with us, we think the conversation might be more applicable than you think.

The most important marketing tool you have is your website.  And one of the best ways to analyze how well your website is performing is through your conversion rate – the percentage of visitors to your website that like what they see enough to connect with your sales team in some way (could be through a registration form, chat, email, phone call, etc.).

Most homebuilder websites, regardless of volume, convert between .5% and 2% of the shoppers that arrive on the site into sales leads.

Given that builders are spending the same amount for every website visit, converting a higher percentage of website visits into qualified buyers is the name of the game.

There are several of ways to increase the conversion rate on your website, like; offering easier ways for shoppers to engage early-on and throughout the process, and incorporating meaningful content and adding an online sales presence. 

However, we believe the easiest way to increase website conversions is by giving your web visitors an interactive and self-service way to get the information they want and need before getting overwhelmed and (potentially) leaving your site. 

When builders add a PRICE BLD-R link to their website, the conversion rate of their visitors in PRICE BLD-R is more than double the highest builder conversion rates, averaging 4.6%.*

In fact, one builder using the system sees 4-times as many conversions from shoppers in their PRICE BLD-R platform than they do on their website.

Adding PRICE BLD-R is as simple as uploading your content into the system and adding a link to your content from your website.  No programming or development cost needed.

Not only does PRICE BLD-R convert more home shoppers to leads, the leads from PRICE BLD-R are much more qualified and further down the sales funnel than typical web leads.

Builders using the system have said things like, “The leads we’re getting from PRICE BLD-R are much more engaged than our typical website leads.” and “The quality of the leads from PRICE BLD-R are really good because they have pre-qualified themselves.”

When you increase conversions, along with the quality of leads your website is generating, you can effectively cut your marketing spend and still continue to see great sales results.  And nobody will be happier about better quality leads than your (currently) overwhelmed sales staff!

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*Builders using PRICE BLD-R are averaging between 4.11% and 4.98% conversion rate of shoppers using their PRICE BLD-R platform.