How to Spend 50-80% LESS per Qualified Lead. (You’re welcome.)

Happy budgeting season! The most common question among builder marketers this time of year is: “What do we need to spend on digital marketing in order to generate the results we want?”

It’s an important question. We believe that equally important are, “How do we squeeze the most impact out of every marketing dollar we spend?” and “How can we achieve the same results with less?”

In order to walk through the answers to these questions, we created a hypothetical “Typical Builder”.

Let’s say our “Typical Builder” currently spends $3 in digital marketing per web visit. If they convert 1% of web visits to sales leads and half of those leads (0.5%) are quality, qualified buyers…

This “Typical Builder” is currently spending $600 per qualified sales lead generated by their website.

Now let’s say that the “Typical Builder” adds the PRICE BLD-R interactive new home pricing platform to their website…

On average, 25% of web visitors will ‘Build & Price’ a home online, and 4.7% of those visitors will covert to highly qualified sales leads.

By adding the PRICE BLD-R platform to their website, this “Typical Builder”*…

  • Is now converting an additional 1.2% of all their web visits to high quality sales leads
  • Dropped their cost per qualified sales lead by 70%, from $600 to $176 per lead

Want to know how much less you could be spending on digital marketing?

Plug-in your digital marketing spend, total web visits and number of sales leads (either annual or monthly numbers) into our Digital Marketing Budget Calculator to see how PRICE BLD-R can impact your budget.

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Get ready to get ahead.

As the market begins to normalize, now is the time to implement smarter strategies. Putting home shoppers in the driver’s seat with PRICE BLD-R maximizes your digital marketing budget to generate more and better qualified prospects.

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The estimates above are based on the following data:
Most builder websites convert between 0.5% and 2.5% of web visits to sales leads. Typically, 50% of all builder web leads are highly qualified prospective buyers. When given the option to ‘Build & Price’ a home from a builder’s website, an average of 25% use the PRICE BLD-R tool. Once in the PRICE BLD-R platform, an average of 4.7% of those 25% of users convert to a sales lead. 4.7% of 25% of web visits results in an additional conversion of 1.2% with the addition of PRICE BLD-R.
*To understand the math behind the difference is results by adding PRICE BLD-R, see our Digital Marketing Budget Calculator.