Let Home Shoppers
Your Homes

We know you want to...

Consistently meet & exceed sales goals


Capture sales currently lost to resale

Generate high quality sales leads

Other builders aren’t your competition, resale homes are

Today’s home shopper expects speed, convenience, simplicity, and the ability to manage the purchase process on their own.

The current system, designed to funnel shoppers to engage with a salesperson to price and compare new homes, is outdated, time-consuming and frustrating for consumers. Ultimately, it is driving home shoppers (over 50% of them) out of the new home market and towards resale homes.

The future of new home sales starts with a self-service online experience

Builders must provide the home and price details that buyers need to rule new homes “in” to their search before losing them to the relative ease of a resale home purchase.

We believe that new construction ought to be an easy consideration for every home shopper. That’s why the PRICE BLD-R interactive new home pricing app eliminates 5 of the Top 10 Friction Points that home shoppers encounter when buying a new home.

PRICE BLD-R simplifies a complex process

PRICE BLD-R is a brand-new patent-pending technology that deploys from anywhere on your website and allows shoppers to virtually “build & price” your homes. Watch engagement and leads soar as potential buyers are guided through an interactive new home pricing app to build & price your new homes.


The first month using the PRICE BLD-R new home pricing platform is just $99 – regardless of how many communities you enter into the system. Each month after that, you’ll be charged a flat $99 usage fee plus $249 (or less) per active community. The more communities you have using the system, the lower the monthly fee per community.

And for a Limited-Time you’ll also get FREE Personalized Set-Up Assistance.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Here is what home shoppers have to say after using the PRICE BLD-R build & price tool for homebuilders:

“The interactive tool to build out the options is super helpful!! Not many builders do that, but it’s really helpful in understanding the price range of the options.” – A PRICE BLD-R user

“This makes so much sense!  Going through this first would have been so much easier than all the work we went through to get this information from our builder.” – A recent new home buyer

“This tool would make new homes much more appealing for me and for my customers. Right now new homes are a struggle because of the legwork required in order to figure out the basic information of whether the homes match my customer’s needs and budget.” – A LIV/Sotheby’s Realtor