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Maximize your digital marketing spend


Capture sales currently lost to resale

Convert more web visitors to purchase-ready leads

THE MARKET HAS SHIFTED (and it’s not going back)

Gone are the days when home shoppers were willing to spend a Saturday driving from sales office to sales office just to figure out the actual sale price of a new home. Today’s home shopper expects speed, convenience, simplicity, and the ability to manage the purchase process on their own.

The PRICE BLD-R platform deploys from anywhere on your website and allows shoppers to virtually “Build & Price” your homes, giving them instant access to:

  • The options that are available
  • An understanding of the components that get added to the base price to get to the final price
  • The actual monthly payment including principal, interest, tax, insurance and HOA


When you add the PRICE BLD-R platform to your marketing toolbox, for just $249 per community per month, you’ll achieve more with less.

  • Increase qualified web lead conversion by 1.2% or more
  • Reduce your cost per qualified lead by 50% to 80%
  • Generate 2- to 5-times better results with the same budget


If you aren’t providing home shoppers with the tools and information they need right up front, you may be losing them without even knowing it.

PRICE BLD-R takes shoppers from the top-of-the-funnel to ready-to-buy in just a few clicks. And it doesn’t take months or thousands of dollars to implement.


The first month using the PRICE BLD-R new home pricing platform is just $99 – regardless of how many communities you enter into the system. Each month after that, you’ll be charged a flat $99 usage fee plus $249 (or less) per active community. The more communities you have using the system, the lower the monthly fee per community.

And for a Limited-Time you’ll also get FREE Personalized Set-Up Assistance.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Here is what home shoppers have to say after using the PRICE BLD-R build & price tool for homebuilders:

“The interactive tool to build out the options is super helpful!! Not many builders do that, but it’s really helpful in understanding the price range of the options.” – A PRICE BLD-R user

“This makes so much sense!  Going through this first would have been so much easier than all the work we went through to get this information from our builder.” – A recent new home buyer

“This tool would make new homes much more appealing for me and for my customers. Right now new homes are a struggle because of the legwork required in order to figure out the basic information of whether the homes match my customer’s needs and budget.” – A LIV/Sotheby’s Realtor