HOW It Works

PRICE BLD-R takes a complicated sales process and streamlines it.
This innovative new home pricing platform gives home shoppers self-service, online access to the home and price details they need to rule your homes “in” to their search.

Designed to deliver purchase-ready customer leads to your sales staff, the PRICE BLD-R app deploys from anywhere on your website and allows shoppers to virtually build & price your new home plans.

First, the shopper selects a plan. Then the estimated price and monthly payment update in real-time as the user selects from popular configurations, elevation, lot premium, finish level and landscaping for that plan.

Great Features. Simple to Use.

PRICE BLD-R is community-specific, and all of the content is controlled by you. This patent pending build & price tool for homebuilders includes these features:

Real-Time Price Estimate Calculator


Updates as the user selects: plan, popular plan configurations, elevation, lot, finish level and landscaping.  Price is clearly noted and disclaimed as an estimate only.

Mobile & Desktop Friendly

Deploys from Any Website


You don’t need to do any work to your website to use PRICE BLD-R. We provide a unique URL link to take shoppers directly to PRICE BLD-R for your community or individual plan. PRICE BLD-R was designed to be equally attractive and user-friendly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Dynamic Lead-Capture


Home shoppers will provide their name and email address to receive a summary of their selections. The shopper’s name and email address along with a summary of their selections will be sent to any email addresses you choose to receive leads.

Built-in Mortgage Calculator


A built-in monthly cost calculator is tied to the real-time price estimate generated by the system. The monthly cost estimate includes the property tax % and monthly HOA amount that you enter into the system. 

Simple to Use


A simple and user-friendly data entry and management system eliminates multiple entries of plan information and allows you to copy data and plans from one community to another.  Data entry can be done by anyone, no tech experience required!

Content Control


You choose what content is included in your PRICE BLD-R profile. Within the system, you’ll choose which categories to include and the content shown within each category. We’ve even included a way to highlight how your standards compare with others and what sets you apart.



The system includes standard terms & conditions disclaimers acknowledgement, but you can add all of the additional disclaimer information you need and want. The user has to agree to all terms & conditions in order to use the platform.

Font and Color Selection


You can choose a custom color and either a serif or sans-serif font style to align with your brand and integrate with your website.