Overwhelmed by the Volume of Interest?

We Can Help.

We keep hearing from builders that they can’t believe the volume of prospects their sales staff is sorting through. They’re saying things like, “we have a wait list in every community” and “our sales staff is overwhelmed.”

At first glance “overwhelming demand” seems like a great problem to have. However, builders may be unwittingly setting their sales staff up for poor reviews and lack-luster customer service.

While your sales team is spending the bulk of their day sorting through the pressing volume of interest (whether qualified or not), they could be missing important communication and touch points with your actual buyers. 

In a super-hot market, allowing home shoppers to self-qualify BEFORE they interact with your sales staff is critical. What if builders shift the paradigm to provide home shoppers with the technology, information and tools they need to “help themselves” online prior to interacting with the sales staff?

We believe now is the time to…

  • Transfer control of the information about your new homes to the customer.
  • Give the customer a fun, time-saving and interactive experience online, before personally interacting with them.
  • Remove the worry and simplify the process by allowing customers to virtually “build” & price new home plans, and estimate their monthly payment online so that they can feel more confident coming to the sales office.
  • Shift the role of sales staff from being “information dispensaries” and instead set them up as concierges of the new home purchase experience.

PRICE BLD-R is a simple solution to accomplish all of these things.

This user-friendly and interactive new home pricing platform deploys from a builder’s website and allows shoppers to virtually “build” any home plan with an estimated price and accurate monthly payment (including tax rate and HOA).

The platform is customizable to each builder’s unique offerings, giving shoppers a quick and easy way to understand the components (like floorplan options, elevation style, homesite, finish level and landscaping) that go into a new home, along with price estimates of the available options.

Try a sample of the PRICE BLD-R new home pricing app in action >